Music at the Wimberley Montessori School

Every Friday morning the entire school comes together and we sing, dance, listen, learn about music theory, and share our musical observations.  It’s an opportunity for students to perform songs they’ve been working on in private lessons, as well as a platform for our various musical ensembles.  Parents are welcome to join us every Friday morning at 8:45.   

 We started the year by reviewing note values and rhythm.  Along with learning new songs, we’ve added instrumentation using the note values we have reviewed.  In September we began a journey through the history of Western music starting with pre-historic music and how that led to the music of the Medieval period during which we examined plainchant and early notation.  We’re currently learning about music, composers, dance, and instruments from the Renaissance period and how it differs from the music that came before it.  Music theory is incorporated in our journey thru the history of music and the children are learning a variety of elements, including how to identify intervals by ear, different modes, instruments, and pieces of music from the different time periods, and much more!

 Your kids are masters at singing in rounds, which simply means to sing the same song but starting at different times.  While we sing we listen to the harmonies the round creates, how to sing in time with one another, and watching for when to stop.  We also discuss dynamics and the meaning of the lyrics and any interesting historical facts and information about the music.  We’ve been practicing warming up our voices and getting to know the different vocal registers like vocal fry, chest, mix, head, and whistle voice. 

I’m enjoying working with your multi-talented children.  Thank you for supporting and encouraging music education at our school. 

Sarah McSweeney
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